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Tower Paddle Boards Reviews

Tower-Paddle-Board-ReviewsTower Paddle Boards, or Tower, is a San Diego based wholesale paddle boards manufacturer that has been an integral part of the worldwide surfing culture for more than 50 years. While most SUP (Stand Up Paddling) companies have branched into the market from surfing, Tower enjoys a much wider consumer products and services background. Tower manufactures and sells high quality paddle boards of all sorts, be they inflatable, solid, or constructed of exotic materials.

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Due to the fact that Tower is a wholesale manufacturer, you will always see Tower paddle boards at a discount compared with the market’s pricing, but make no mistake about it, all Tower paddle boards are of the highest quality.

Speaking of pricing, Tower itself takes pride in their ability to bring forward some of the highest standard paddle boards on the market for $500 less than everybody else.

Tower Paddle Boards Reviews

Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board

tower adventurer inflatable paddle board

Price: $699
Type: All Around Paddle Board
Construction: Inflatable

Size: 9’10 x 32 x 6
Weight: 25 lbs
Weight Limit: 350 lbs

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Few paddle boards are as resistant as the Adventurer, one of the all-time best selling paddle boards on the market.

Inflatable by construction, the Adventurer is extremely rigid when fully inflated (it can be inflated up to 15 PSI), acting pretty much the same way as a hard board. Made from military grade PVC, this particular board, although inflatable, is one of the sturdiest, most resistant boards money can buy, partly due to its drop-stitch construction and partly due to its durable materials.

Easy to store and transport, the Adventurer may be 9.10 x 32 x 6 when inflated, but it is only 1 foot in diameter when rolled up, roughly the same size as a sleeping bag. Furthermore, its inflatable nature makes it pretty lightweight, taking up very little space upon transport. While deflated, the board is also a bit more resistant than usual, unaffected by cold temperatures and other environmental factors.

Despite being an inflatable board, the Adventurer is extremely rigid and durable. Riding it, you get the feeling that you are one a hard board, only a bit more light and stable. The fact that it is 6″ thick is also a big plus, whereas most inflatable boards on the market are 4″ thick or less. Due to its thickness, the Adventurer is a lot more stable, with double the weight capacity of other boards in its class.

All things considered, if you’re looking for an all-around SUP board that is resistant and easy to carry around, then look no further than this.

Tower Fit 9’10”

Tower Fit 9'10"

Price: $890
Type: Yoga / All Around Paddle Board
Construction: Solid

Size: 9’10 x 31.75 x 5.5
Weight: 24.6 lbs
Weight Limit: 230 lbs

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The first thing you notice about Tower Fit is its design, a design that is unlike any other SUP on the market. This particular board is shorter, thicker, and a bit wider than your usual paddle board, making it ideal for working out sessions in flat water. Also, because of its peculiar build, you can pretty much use it for surfing as well, provided you can handle it properly. Built as a cross-over, all-purpose board, you can hardly refer to it as a yoga board, seeing how it can battle against 4-5 foot waves with ease.

The second thing you notice about Tower Fit is its weight. Lighter than your usual fitness board, it can be stored the same way you would store a regular surf board. Combine its 24 lbs weight with its 31″ width, and you have yourself a paddle board that will slide across the water easily.

Experienced riders refer to it as a ‘great big short board’ rather than a big one because this is precisely what if feels like when riding it.

The third thing to consider about Tower Fit is its strong build. Although its traction pad was designed to add some beauty to the board’s overall look, its primary purpose is to add further flexibility to an already flexible and easy to maneuver SUP board. The board was built with a 2 lb foam core with a wood stringer wrapped in 3 layers of 6 oz epoxy glassing, 2 layers of 6 oz epoxy glassing on the bottom, and a sanded speed finish to top it off.

Overall, Tower Fit is an ideal board for anyone looking to relax out into the open water.

Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable

Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP

Price: $999
Type: Racing / Touring
Construction: Inflatable

Size: 14′ x 32 x 8
Weight: 36 lbs
Weight Limit: 700 lbs

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Quickly becoming one of the most popular paddle boards in the world, Tower Xplorer has been receiving nothing but high praise for quite a few years now. This particular board is a 14′ Inflatable SUP that comes equipped with a pump and 3-pc adjustable paddles.

It is also constructed with military-grade materials, meaning that it is unlikely to get damaged by rocks or small collisions.

We also have to speak about its impressive weight limit. You see, Tower Xplorer has a 700 lbs capacity but can very well handle 800 lbs if it has to. Designed for speed, this board can also be used for touring all leisure with no problems, mainly due to its size. Speaking of size, Xplorer has been known to accommodate people as tall as 6’6″, not only due to its 700-800 lbs capacity but also thanks to its 14′ length.

As for the board’s speed and maneuvering, we should point out that it comes with a fin that once in place, makes the board quite efficient at handling strong currents. The only problem you might have with it is that you have to go through the trouble of fitting the fin in and out of the board every time you go riding it.

Last but not least, Tower Xplorer is quite strong. You would expect such a long board to have some issues given its size, yet the board hardly ever breaks if we are to believe what people who use it are saying.

Choosing a Tower board shouldn’t be hard, just as long as you know what you’re looking for. This is because, as a company, Tower has had success in the business for more than half a century, able to always identify what specific customers with specific interests look for when searching for specific paddle boards.

Be they inflatable, wooden, or carbon fiber, if Tower has a certain paddle board in their inventory, then you can expect it to be well-made and sturdy all around.