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Top 10 Places to Paddle Board in United States

When surfing, it’s a dream come true to catch tremendous waves that are a couple of times your own height. In paddleboarding, it’s the other way around. You’ll be in search for gentle breaks where you can simply stand and walk in the serene, pristine beauty of the ocean, which is the closest you can get to heaven! Go paddle sitting, kneeling, or standing, anyway you please. Have a great time with friends or bond with your dog, or paddleboard in solitude where you can truly appreciate the magnificence of nature.

You don’t have to travel far and wide, but the ideal flat and a gently wavy paddling conditions can be found within the U.S. All you need is your best paddle board. Wear a wet suit, bring goggles so you can hop off anytime and go deeper in the ocean to see more of its wonders, and it is a must that you put on your diver watch because you can easily get lost in time! Then off you go to one of these ideal spots for the perfect first paddleboarding experience, or another awesome place for the pros to cross out from that SUP bucket list.

1. Hawaii


Go back in time to where it all started, tracing stand-up paddleboarding’s origin and roots to the 1960s in Hawaii. Located on the North shore of Oahu, Sunset Beach is a grand destination in Hawaii for lovers of the ocean, where you can seamlessly blend in and paddle an amazing 4 miles towards the Waimea Bay! The Kailua and Lanikai Beach, the Kealakekua and Keauhou Bays in Kona, as well as the Pops in Waikiki are some of the best SUP spots in the world.

2. Santa Barbara, California

santa barbara

SUP further splashed its way into popularity and moved on to the scene in California. It’s very easy to learn paddling in water, when it is calm and flat, which is how it is on the Golden State’s Santa Barbara Harbor. Most people from this area prefer inflatable paddle boards.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

An awesome way to celebrate the next Mardi Gras, head down to New Orleans, Louisiana, and paddle the tranquil waters of the Mississippi River. Wind your way through small channels for a historic ambiance with icons including the French Quarter and city skyline.

4. Black Canyon, Nevada

Black Canyon, Nevada

Just outside of the brightness and luxury of Las Vegas is a grand SUP adventure waiting for you! The view of the 600-foot deep gorge, the hot springs and hidden caves in the majestic Black Canyon makes paddling so much more exciting!

5. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California

Once the snow melts, right after skiing comes paddling in the crystal clear Lake Tahoe waters. Savor the incredible view of snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains as you go paddleboarding on its lengthy coastline. You can paddle from King’s Beach along the north shore lined with lush, dark green forests and thrilling coves.

6. Puget Sound, Washington

Puget Sound, Washington

A must paddle for people into SUP. Washington holds astounding beauty in its ocean inlet islands amidst colossal mountains. Puget Sound is a system of waterways interconnected to perfectly blend the Pacific Ocean and Salish Se, which extends to about 100 miles long!

7. Arkansas River, Colorado

Arkansas River, Colorado

Get ready for some whitewater SUP in this renowned place in Colorado for world-class rafting and kayaking. The wide stretch of flat waters alternate with low rapids for a nice and fun challenge.

8. Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz, CaliforniaOne of the best places you can paddleboard in the US is at Northern California. The water can be a bit chilly so it’s advisable you wear a wet suit. It’s a paradise for water sports lovers where you share the space with surfers and kayakers, snorkelers, and maybe sea lions, or a whale while you’re paddling!

9. Key West, Florida Keys

Key West, Florida Keys

There’s no need to go abroad for an authentic experience since America has it all! Paddle the aqua-blue tropical water at Key West. Florida Keys is endowed with a chain of 822 islands, loaded with canals where you can delightfully glide through mangrove forests and in between islands. You’ll be floating on top of the reef protected ecosystem with barracudas, manta rays, and tropical fish.

10. Lake Superior, Minnesota

Lake Superior, Minnesota

Set aside your snowy thoughts, because summertime in Minnesota entail you with a grand SUPing adventure! The world’s largest lake by surface area, paddle surf along Park Point which divides Lake Superior from St. Louis Bay.