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Top 10 Places to Paddle Board in California

There’s almost no such thing as beginner awkwardness when paddle boarding because it can be quickly learned in a few hours. Simply stand up and paddle. Sounds pretty easy and is surprisingly the same! You’ll end up wanting more, and so here’s 10 more places to visit for the Californian paddle boarder and any ocean lover from various parts of the globe.

Known for its dramatic terrain of magnificent beaches, the most pristine lakes and rivers, towering highlands made up of scenic mountains, spectacular Hollywood and Las Vegas entertainment, the Golden State is a paradise that makes for the perfect SUP spot. Prepare to be amazed because some of these places could be a bombshell, sitting all along right in your own backyard!

1. Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes

A nearly unimaginable destination that offers quiet waters, a friendly welcome, camping and bonding time with people who matter to you, Mammoth Lakes allow you to paddle all you want, bask in awesome outdoor activities, and savor the majestic scenery.

2. Santa Cruz

santa cruz

The Santa Cruz Harbor is another great spot, offering a huge range of superb breaks for all skill levels. Steamer Lane accommodates everyone, from beginner paddle boarders to highly experienced pros. You have numerous options for boards, challenging and fun lessons with expert guides to help you out. You can simply stay in the calm harbor and paddle around freely, but you’ll be missing out on the chance to come across distinctive species of birds, otters, sea lions and whales! Wearing a wet suit is recommended during any time of the year since the water remains chilly.

3. Malibu


A place that stands out among the paddle boarding watersport hottest spots, you’ll have a splendid experience in Malibu. Gorgeous views, the ideal weather, surfer dudes, hot chicks, miles of beaches to paddle and just hang out with family and friends, or your pet, altogether illustrate why the beach city is a top choice by many, Californian or not.

4. Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach

Know what’s best about SUP aside from the paddling pleasure? The perfect workout opportunity for you to get in your best shape. You can even do Yoga as you paddle board! Try it out on a nice day and its calming effects is euphoric when combined with the tranquil, peaceful waters.

5. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

California’s surfing scene is complemented with the relaxing paddle boarding activity on the same beach. SUP doesn’t require the tremendous waves far back in the ocean, but you can remain still on flat water and enjoy the serenity and joy it brings.

6. San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay

Packed with astounding views of the city, colossal mountains, and access to the Golden Gate strait, San Francisco Bay gives you the perfect spot to delight in joyful, calm and leisurely flat waters. Paddle your way smoothly in the channel under the famous Golden Gate Bridge, one of the 7 wonders of the world!

7. Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina

This luxurious getaway place grants you a leisurely paddle boarding experience as you check out boats and float amidst a ravishing backdrop. Paddle and discover areas impossible to reach when on a vehicle and even when walking on foot!

8. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

This area in California may give off the impression of a freezing atmosphere, but go mid-summer and it can be scorching hot that you’d be compelled to jump in the water! Starting from King’s Beach, paddle your way on the north shore through the silence, and surround yourself with the brimming forests and rocky coastal inlets as you glide over crystal clear water.

9. Klamath River

Klamath River

Possessing a stunning 263-mile stretch of river that seamlessly flows southwest through Oregon and Northern California, then straight into the Pacific Ocean, Klamath would be an unbeatable experience for more professional paddlers. It’s the second largest river in California, second to Sacramento. Anyone can dare to try paddle boarding here, especially if you’re up for the challenge of water speed and a bit of waves rather than still, flat water.

10. San Diego

san diego

Among the great paddling opportunities (such as fishing while on a stand up paddle board) in the breathtaking water forms and wonderful scenery in California is the Scripps Beach in San Diego. It may be the friendliest beach of all, with its people and the easy breaks ideal for SUP beginners. Explore coves and hop off anytime to meet sea creatures along the way. Make sure to bring your goggles and make certain you have a crisp under the sea view as part of your paddle boarding adventure!