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Surftech Bark Paddleboards Reviews

bark paddle boardsSurftech, leading manufacturer of excellent surfboards and the best Stand Up Paddle Boards, was founded way back in 1989 and continues to gain worldwide recognition until today. They introduced the very first composite technology surfboard in the same year, and over time, revolutionized SUP with the very first production stand up paddle board. They have partnered with equivocally the best shapers to make their innovation available to many as a prized board for any ocean lover, such as the most sought after Bark designs of today.

#1 Rated Bark Paddle Board

Joe Bark, the big name in prone paddle boarding has produced proven designs in every distance and water condition and hence been regarded as the dominator of paddle race winners, and Bark sure has got you covered whatever board you are looking for. Inspired by a person who has competed on the water and lived his life passionate about the water and his boards, the signature Bark SUP has immediately become a paddler favorite!

Surftech Bark Paddleboard Reviews

Surftech Laird Race Bark Paddle Surfboard

Surftech Laird Race Bark Paddle Surfboards in Orange

Price: $999.00
Type: Performance Race Board
Construction: Solid, Tuflite

Size: 12’6″ x 30 x 7.7
Weight: 25 lbs
Weight Limit: 200lbs

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The Surftech Laird Race Bark features Surftech’s premium epoxy construction, Tuflite. It is regarded as the most durable and long-lasting sandwich they craft, yet exhibits favorable lightweight properties. The Laird is a consistent performer that outranks all other boards! This is especially true with the poorly made imitations which are merely copies but can’t be duplicate benchmarks.

The Laird Race Bark is both incredibly attractive with its orange and yellow combination with the perfect blend of purple, shaped for Laird Hamilton by the unfaltering passion of legendary famed race shaper Joe Bark. The overall platform measures 12 feet and 6 inches in length, 30 inches W on its tail, and 7.75 inches thickness with a volume of 259 L and Single Fin.

The nice 30″ wide tail allows for swift acceleration, easy kick and pivot turning and carrying is convenient with the handle. It is built with 5 different layers that altogether comprise an impressively high-quality make, as the Tuflite construction utilizes Surftech’s exclusive Fused Cell EPS Core that’s water tight. The 3/4 Length EVA Deck pad paves the way for smooth control and endless hours of paddleboarding fun.

This is actually Bark’s most affordable SUP creation, but cannot be deemed cheap since it does arrive at a price. Still, it’s quite reasonable and worth every penny you will spend. It is also not the lightest board there is on the Bark lineup, but will do fairly well as the ideal starter race board.

You can rest assured you receive ample support with reduced risk of falling off when facing rough waves. In terms of its performance, Lairds possess the same cutting and displacement nose like all other Barks.

This SUP does great even in choppy and vigorous water conditions. In fact, it is a good board that works nicely on flat water, waves, and open-ocean swells. Most importantly, it paddles beautifully and slides through the water in a very stable manner.

Surftech Bark Competitor Pro-Elite Stand Up Paddle Board

Surftech Bark Competitor Pro-Elite Stand Up Paddle Board

Price: $2,270.00
Type: Competition / All Around Paddle Board
Construction: Carbon Fiber

Size: 12’6″ x 30 x 6.5
Weight: 25.3 lbs
Weight Limit: 240lbs

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The Surftech Bark Competitor Pro-Elite Stand Up Paddle Board is an award-winning design that is specialized type of competition board. Any Stand-Up Paddleboarder will find the Pro-Elite as the ultimate partner in any paddling venture! It works best for training purposes, touring, downwind runs, or course racing as a top-notch performance board.

The Competitor is remarkably a high-level competition board with its overall build that’s more versatile than the 14-inch Bark Dominator. It hold a length of 12 feet and 6 inches, sufficient width of 29 inches, and thickness of 6.5 inches that possess a volume of 233L and a single fin system.

The domed front decks are capable of shredding water quickly, which are plus points on its speed factor. You can feel just how quickly you move over seamlessly slice through the water.

Stepping on it gives off a distinctive sense of stability like no other board can, given its Pro-Elite carbon fiber construction. Just how comfortable, reassuring and reliable it feels under your feet is unbeatable! Feedback from SUPers are amazingly all great and on a very positive note. It outperforms most of the several pin tails when it comes to speed, but manages to be available at a price that’s right.

The displacement entry right into the planning hull grants you the efficiency you require for sprint paddling. All wind and water conditions can be tackled if you are atop this sturdy and strong SUP, for it has been innovatively designed for racing as well as distance paddling.

The integrated handles are inset and race inspired which makes carrying it around far from cumbersome, topped with the lightweight quality of this stiff and durable board.

Surftech delivers the grandest experience ever, and things can get really exciting for both new adventurers of the sport and experienced racer boarders alike once they get to own a Bark Paddleboard.

Get yours and you will come to know just why Bark has made its name today. You are not far from being the first to the buoy with almost any Surftech exceptional performance race board incorporated into signature Bark designs, which create the perfect combination and formula for winning!