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Isle Paddle Boards Reviews

Few manufacturers make paddle boards that will accommodate riders of all sizes and skill levels, which is one of the reasons why Isle has had so much over these past few years. Established in 2004, Isle Surf & SUP has quickly become one of the most successful paddle boards manufacturers in the world, mainly due to the diversity of their products.

#1 Rated ISLE Paddle Board

While also dealing with surfboards, it seems that Isle’s strong suit is its paddle boards which are among the best-selling boards on the market.

Isle Paddle Boards Reviews

Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Price: $695.00
Type: All Around Paddle Board / Surfing
Construction: Inflatable

Size: 10 x 31 x 6
Weight: 24 lbs
Weight Limit: 200 lbs

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Great for flatwater, the 10ft inflatable from Isle is perfect for beginners who want to enjoy a stable, maneuverable, and fairly light paddle board. Made from Drop Stitch PVC, this 24 lbs paddle board is just as easy to ride as it is to carry around. You can also roll it up into a sleeping bag size for easy storage seeing how it only measures 1ft in diameter when deflated and rolled up properly.

We should point out that not many inflatable boards on the market ar as durable as the 10ft Inflatable from Isle, mainly due to its high-quality military grade Korean Drop stitch construction. If you do, however, notice something wrong with it, you will be pleased to know that it comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty. It also features stainless steel D-Rings located on the stern and bow, making it easier for you to tow it up or tie it to docks or boats.

Capable of sustaining raiders who weight up to 200 lbs, the 36 inch wide board is very stable and balanced, even when facing larger waves. This being said, you should probably take it out into the open water only if you are an experienced rider. As for the board itself, it comes equipped with a travel paddle, a pump, fins, and a repair kit, pretty much everything you need to get it running and to maintain it properly.

Isle 10’8 Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle 10’8 Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Pic

Price: $595
Type: All Around Paddle Board / Surfing
Construction: Solid

Size: 10’8″ x 31 x 5
Weight: 26 lbs
Weight Limit: 275 lbs

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The Isle 10’8 Soft Serve Paddle Board is an all around paddle board designed for beginner/intermediate riders.

Due to its 31 inch width and 5 inch thickness, this particular board is extremely stable in flat water, while its internal trio-wooden stingers make it rigid enough to be used as a surfboard. Thanks to its relatively slim shape, it can also be used by experienced riders as a surfboard, even though there are probably better solutions out there for people who wish to acquire a maneuverable board for surfing.

Still, the Soft Top comes with non-slip surface of the deck, and forgiving soft rails, making it easy to control by beginners. Equipped with an easy carry handle, a surf leash, a center box fin, and an adjustable alloy plastic paddle with built-in paddle guard, this board requires very little in addition as far as accessories are concerned. This being said, you can always get a stronger paddle if the one the board comes equipped with doesn’t do the job well.

It has to be said that Isle 10’8 Soft Top is among the highest standard paddle boards you can get in this price range. Do not let the price fool you, however, because Soft Top is as steady as it is durable, which is definitely why it is among the best-selling boards on the market. Made with a foam top, the wood stringers in it make it very strong and reliable, capable of facing even the largest of waves.

Isle 10ft 4 inch Womens Inflatable

Isle 10 ft 4 inch Womens Inflatable

Price: $745
Type: Yoga / All Around Paddle Board
Construction: Inflatable

Size: 10’4″ x 31 x 6
Weight: 27 lbs
Weight Limit: 250 lbs

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Due to its wide nose and tail outline, the Womens Inflatable provides a great deal of stability at all times. Equipped with a rail paddle mounted bungee system, the board allows you to maneuver the board without interrupting your Yoga sessions. Similar to other inflatable boards, this too is just a little bigger than a rolled up sleeping bag when deflated, making storing and transporting it quite easy.

Built using drop stitched PVC, this particular board is very durable and cannot be cracked, snapped, dinged, or damaged in any way similar to a solid board. You see, hard boards constructed with EPS foam become unstable if the weather is too hot which causes the board to suffer damage under extreme circumstances. Speaking of construction, the PVC material used when making it allow it to achieve a higher PSI than most inflatable boards on the market.

The board itself comes equipped with an EVA traction pad for easier traction, carry handles for easier transport, a D-Ring on the nose for easier towing along with four additional D-Rings on the deck to secure it, a high pressure hand pump with a PSI gauge attached to it, and a 3-piece travel paddle that can be adjusted according to the rider’s height. Overall, the Womens Inflatable is perfect for any type of leisure riding like Yoga and fitness.

Unlike other manufacturers who depend on retailers to handle marketing, Isle employs a direct sales model which allows them to offer very low prices without compromising quality. As a result, Isle paddle boards have found their way pretty much anywhere throughout North America, with sales figures growing still. Truth be told, their popularity has a lot to do with the high-quality surfboards they manufacture which are at least just as good as their paddle boards.

Isle manufactures leashes, traction, surfboard & SUP car racks,  paddles, SUP day bags, travel bags, and pretty much everything else SUP-related. The quality of these products, as you would expect from a company as successful as Isle, has always been of a high standard.

This being said, if you are looking for a good, maneuverable paddle board at an affordable price, then you should definitely give Isle boards a try.