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Hobie SUP – Paddle Boards Reviews

HobieWith a history going back more than 50 years, Hobie SUP is among the most easily recognizable brands in the world as far as surfing is concerned. It was Hobie Alter’s vision and expertise that made the flying ‘H’ logo what it is today, one of the best manufacturers of surfboards on the planet. It was Hobie who first introduced the foam surfboard blank, a build that would become quite popular throughout the years.

#1 Rated Hobie Paddle Board

It also has to be said that Hobie makes some of the toughest SUPs on the market. Using only the best overall strength to weight ratio, Hobie manufactures durable boards using a variety of sturdy materials. For instance, they pair each molded design with the construction that is best suited for that particular size and weight.

Interestingly enough, most of their boards are under 30 lbs while their fin boxes, handles, leash plugs and hold downs are fitted straight into high-density foam for extra strength.

Hobie SUP Paddle Boards Reviews

Hobie 12’6” Tour Inflatable

Hobie 12-6 Tour 6-Inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard with Paddle, Black

Price: $1,300
Type: All Around Paddle Board
Construction: Inflatable

Size: 12’6 x 32 x 6
Weight: 28 lbs
Weight Limit: 290 lbs

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Fully inflated, this fairly large inflatable board weights around 28 lbs and reaches 32 inches in width. Like you may have already guessed, the Tour Inflatable is more of a recreational SUP, unlikely to ever be used in a competition. This being said, the board is easy to control, providing great maneuverability and balance at all times, mostly due to its size. Also due to its size, but also due to its construction, the Tour Inflatable from Hobie doubles as an inflatable mattress.

Perfect for beginners, this particular SUP is very stable on flat water, great for learning the basics before facing the waves. Furthermore, due to its sturdy build, it can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, making it perfect for anyone looking to do some casual paddleboarding. Speaking of its sturdiness, the Tour Inflatable is one of the toughest inflatable paddle boards on the planet. Thoroughly tested by multiple reviewers, it has produced some pretty impressive results as far as durability is concerned.

Tour Inflatable features high-tech drop stitch construction which makes it resistant to deterioration and can be inflated up to 15 PSI. Although it is an inflatable paddle board, when inflated, the Tour Inflatable becomes quite rigid. Furthermore, due to its high-pressure spring valve, it can be easily inflated and deflated in just a few minutes. Upon purchase, Tour Inflatable comes equipped with a backpack storage bag, a 3-piece Hobie Explorer Paddle, a pump with a pressure gauge, and a repair kit.

Hobie SUP E-Tour Stand Up Paddleboard

 Hobie SUP E-Tour BCXC Stand Up Paddleboard 12-6

Price: $1,800
Type: Racing / Touring Paddle Board
Construction: Solid

Size: 12’6 x 28.7 x 6.6
Weight: 27 lbs
Weight Limit: 250 lbs

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Designed to be fast and efficient in all conditions, Hobie SUP E-Tour BCXC can provide extra stability and maneuverability due to its relatively light weight. This particular board combines the natural strength and flexibility of thin veneer Bamboo with multiple layers of fiberglass that have been compressed into a strong mold.

Due to its build, it is both strong and lightweight, even though some less experienced riders might have issues with how rigid it is.

The board’s rigidity, however, is a result of a strong outer shell that covers a strong EPS core, combined with Carbon fiber rails. Speaking of its construction, the Hobie SUP E-Tour BCXC has a cut-in standing area and features a non-skid surface that allows much quicker turns than you would expect from a board of its size. Furthermore, it features a mild nose and a tail rocker that allow it to move with ease through the waves.

This particular board also enjoys increased stability and speed due to its single concave, flat high-speed bottom. The resulting speed is also achieved as a result of its unique two-way vent system that equalizes pressure due to temperature and / or altitude variation.

As you can undoubtedly imagine, countless hours of design and on-the-water testing went into making the Hobie SUP E-Tour BCXC and it shows.

Hobie SUP 10’8 Adventure Inflatable

Hobie 10-8 Adventure 6-Inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard with Paddle, Black

Price: $1,350
Type: All Around Paddle Board
Construction: Inflatable

Size: 10’8 x 32 x 5.75
Weight: 27 lbs
Weight Limit: 250 lbs

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The 10’8 Adventure Inflatable from Hobie enjoys a fair share of popularity among casual riders, mainly due to how maneuverable it is. Its extraordinary stability is provided by its overall rigidity, which is a result of the 14 PSI it is capable of withstanding.

Boasting a well-rounded design, the Adventure can be used for a variety of purposes, from paddling on flat water and whitewater to fitness and surfing.

Thanks to its almost thick profile, it provides extra volume and stability, even when facing strong waves. The board’s impressive stability is also a result of its built-in S3 SUP Stability System that features rigid foot plates, providing an increased rigidity and responsiveness.

Also due to its rigidity, it can withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing any signs of deterioration.

This board features a high-pressure spring valve which allows it to get easily inflated or deflated in just a matter of minutes. Its large EVA foot pad provides not only comfort but also extra grip, while its stainless steel D-rings allows it to be tied to boats and docks much easier.

Last but not least, the Hobie SUP 10’8 Adventure Inflatable comes equipped with a high pressure pump with a gauge, a bungee tie down system, a built-in carry handle, and a repair kit.

While Hobie means more than just paddle boards, it has to be said that their SUPs are undoubtedly at the same standard as their kayaks and surfboards to say the least. Whether you are an extreme surfer or a casual expedition paddler, you can definitely find a Hobie board that will fit your needs due to the versatile selection of boards they are known to make.

This being said, it is due to Hobie’s epoxy molding system that their boards are as lightweight and durable, which is why many experienced riders choose Hobie SUP boards to begin with.