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BIC Sport Paddle Boards Reviews

As a company, BIC Sport has been a leading figure in the field of windsurfing for more than 20 years, diversifying itself over time to the point where it’s now considered one of the top manufacturers of surf boards, kayaks, and of course, paddle boards.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water sports equipment, it is quite obvious that BIC Sport paddle boards are also among the top-rated, best-sold paddle boards on the market.

#1 Rated BIC Sport Paddle Board

It has to be said that the manufacturing process for BIC Sport products is state of the art. It involves high-tech equipment and creative manufacturing technologies, resulting in high-end, durable, and above all, some of the most maneuverable paddle boards money can buy.

Bic Sport Paddle Boards Reviews

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Stand-Up Paddleboard

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Stand-Up Paddle board

Price: $999.95 – $1,199.95
Type: All Around / Touring
Construction: Solid

Size: 10.6 x 31.5 x 6
Weight: 26 lbs
Weight Limit: 200 lbs

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ACE-TEC boards are made from a light composite that gives the board excellent stiffness while maximizing its glide. This particular build offers a big advantage over polyester or epoxy due to its increased resistance to shocks. It is also coated with polymer materials designed to protect it against all sort of collisions, especially with rocks. Furthermore, the board also comes equipped with a 10″ fin called a ‘Dolphin’ that is designed to improve the board’s stability.

Designed as all around paddle boards, ACE-TEC boards can also act as surf boards should the rider be heavier than 220 lbs. This is because the board features even volume distribution, a feature that allows its rider to maneuver it easily against the waves as long as they provide the required counter-balance weight. Needless to say, thanks to its even volume distribution, ACE-TEC boards can also be used for casual rides out into the open water with a lot of equipment on.

Without sacrificing stiffness or weight, this particular board provides much more durability than traditional paddle boards, mainly due to its thermoforming build. Like we said, this sturdy board comes equipped with a 10″ FCS Dolphin fin, but also with FCS M5 Side-fins that you can install before taking it out according to how you intend to ride it. Last but not least, its even volume distribution allows you to take another person with you should you wish to, just as long as the two of you don’t weight more than 200-210 lbs.

BIC Sport Dura-Tec Stand Up Paddleboard

BIC Sport Dura-Tec Stand Up Paddle Board

Price: $549.95 – $749.95
Type: Yoga / Fitness
Construction: Solid

Size: 9’10 x 30 x 6
Weight: 40 lbs
Weight Limit: 190 lbs

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Dura-Tec boards are rugged, hard-wearing boards, built to be strong and easy to control. Coated with a polyethylene, these boards have a high-density foam core, similar to those found in traditional surfboards. This allows greater maneuverability, even when dealing with huge waves or strong currents. It is also the reason why, although not necessarily built for speed, some people use them as touring boards.

For the most part, Dura-Tec boards are perfect family boards, due to not only their balance between thickness, width, and length, but also due to their glide and how comfortable they are in flat water. Speaking of comfort, Dura-Tec boards have a built-in recessed carry, making them easy to carry around. Like other BIC Sport paddle boards, Dura-Tec boards also come equipped with a 10″ FCS Dolphin fin and an integrated leash plug.

These particular boards can also possess premium features like a re-curved ergo-grip for easier transport, a diamond-groove deck pad for added traction in the standing area, and two deck inserts on the front of the board to allow much easier deck-rigging. This being said, we should point out that Dura-Tec boards come in different sizes. While we focused on the 9’10 version, you should know that there is also a 10’4 version and a 11’4 one, both capable of holding much more weight than this one.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wahine Stand-Up Paddleboard

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wahine Stand-Up Paddleboard

Price: $1,172.70 – $1,199.95
Type: All Around / Surfing
Construction: Solid

Size: 9’6 x 28 x 6
Weight: 23 lbs
Weight Limit: 140 lbs (all-around), 180 lbs (surfing)

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BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wahine is designed to provide extra resistance and durability (30% more according to Bic Sport) thanks to the ACE-TEC Epoxy/ASA Thermoformed construction technique.. The board has 130L of floatation and is considered to be one of the best paddle boards for children, women, or beginners due to its 9’6 length. Its shape provides excellent stability not only for beginners but also for smaller paddlers with a shorter reach.

Thanks to its small size and light weight, the BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wahine is quite easy to carry around. Furthermore, it also features a deck pad for comfort and traction, making it easier to paddle over long periods of time. Also, BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wahine comes equipped with a built-in leash plug and a fin. Ideal as an all-around paddle board, this particular board can also be used for surfing due to its light frame and small size. It has to be said, however, that the optimal weight for a person looking to use it for surfing should be around 180 lbs.

The board also comes with a balanced rocker profile, a smooth outline, and progressive bottom contours, making it not only easier to handle but also quite aesthetically pleasing to look at. Like we said, it can be used as an all-around board by lightweight riders or as a high-performance surf board by experienced riders. Last but not least, it can also feature a premium diamond-groove EVA deck pad, designed to provide comfort and traction while paddling, along with an ergo-grip carrying handle for easy transport.

We mentioned BIC Sport’s creative manufacturing technologies and we should probably say a few words about them.

  • Second of all, there is the thermoforming around a polystyrene core process, a process that involves a polystyrene blank covered with fibreglass layers. After covering the blank with fibreglass, it is then impregnated with resin. Afterwards, the board is moved to a mould containing two thermomoulded ASA finishing sheets before being pressure-sealed, cooled, and sent for finishing.
  • First, we have the hollow thin-sheet thermoforming process that heats up two slabs before fitting them in an aluminum mould, fusing them together at high pressure. The Hollow Twin-Sheet thermoforming process ensures that all boards abide by certain structural standards, increasing their structural resistance.
  • Thirdly, BIC Sport boards have to go through a process called ‘Blow moulding or Blown extrusion’ which involves a tube of extruded polyethylene. The tube is first gravity-moulded before being shaped in various ways by being blown against the inner walls of a hollow mould. It is then cooled, taken out of the mould, and taken to a steel shaper where it gets filled with high density polyurethane foam.

These manufacturing technologies ensure that BIC Sport paddle boards are among, if not THE sturdiest mass-produced boards on the market. This being said, you should rest assured that these advanced technologies do not increase the price of the boards more than you would normally be willing to pay. Still, being high-end products, you would do well to expect a price range well above what cheap knock-offs are selling for these days.

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